Movies in the Biergarten

May 25, 2018

Although we surely love getting to watch our favorite movies, outdoors, under the stars all Summer long. I truly suspect the staff’s preferred part of this annual tradition is the movie selection process. It’s always everyone’s favorite brainstorming session. One part nostalgia as you remember all your childhood classics (Goonies? Princess Bride?) and one part personality as everyone throws out their favorite go tos (Dazed and Confused. Guardians of the Galaxy). And then of course the pure joy of knowing that our movies aren’t just fun for us, but an awesome family bonding outing, or a low key night out for friends. We love it and I’m positive you will too. Be sure to check out our full line up on the website as well as our facebook page. Every Thursday night all Summer long. (And don’t worry, can’t watch a movie without popcorn? We’ve got you covered!)