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Der Stein Club

Join the rowdiest bier club around! Have you ever heard a distant chant of “Zicke ZackeZacke”, and wondered what this ancient ritual must be? Do you want to know the sacred meaning behind ‘Im Himmel gibt’s kein Bier’? Then sign up today and let us initiate you into the world of true bier drinking love.

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Not for the faint of heart

Those that choose to embark upon the challenge that is Stein Club must be  fully prepared for the arduous task that lies before them. Stein club is not for  the faint of heart, short of patience, or weak of liver. It is a travail that will take  you many years to complete but will reward you completely in return. If you
so choose to join the annuls of history, place your name on the contenders list  and reap the rewards that true beer appreciation can bring.

All that is required of you at this level is a willingness (or ability) to sign your  name and an agreement to drink beer at Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus (FKSB).

(disclaimer: only “beer visits” are counted towards your status. Each separate meal period (lunch 11‐3 or dinner 3‐Closing) where a beer is consumed will count as one beer towards your 10 beers regardless of number of beers
consumed at each seating. Only draught beer counts towards beer visits except during special promotional periods, we do not discriminate on glass size. The contender level will expire after one year of inactivity.)

Initiates: (10 visits but awaiting initiation rites)
Only those that have the privilege and fortitude to undergo the initiation may  proceed to the next level. There is no handshake, no secret word, no ceremony  but you will be hazed, you can count on it.

The Ratskellars: (10 plus initiation)
Once you have passed through the contender level and initiation you will be
rewarded with 10% off of your next beer tab. You will also be allowed to bring
in your own stein for display so that all who stand in awe before the wall of
steins will see yours amongst the honored few.

Hanover’s Hangovers: (25)
This level requires you to reach a total of 25 beer visits. You are now entitled
to exclusive invites for club events including our “What’s on Tap Party” where
we vote on the FKSB next seasonal offering and drain the outgoing keg at a
10% discount.  You will also be the recipient of a free FKSB t‐shirt.

Berlin’s Biersteins: (50)
Upon reaching 50 beer visits you will be issued your very own engraved FKSB
Stein for display on one of the FKSB “Walls of Fame” and use for discounts at
our special events. You will also receive 10% off your next 5 visits (meals
included) for you and a guest.

Frau’s Frankfurters: (75)
75 visits enters you into the elite lifetime membership level of “The Order of
Karl” or “The Order of Olga.” You will be awarded with your own
commemorative medal.  Each Order will have exclusive admission to beer
tasting and pairing events and to the annual member mixer. You now will  receive a free pretzel with your first beer of each visit (because we know you need the sustenance,).

The Munich Masters: (100)
After 100 beer visits, you have officially scaled to the upper echelons of the  Stein Club, the most exclusive club in Southern Oregon. You will be issued a
personalized membership card and will receive 10% off your beer purchases
for life as long as you maintain 12 visits a year. If at any time you lose status
amongst the Munich Master’s you will revert back to a Frau Frankfurter and
be required to complete 25 additional beer visits and undergo a hazing
process to punish you for your lack of diligence.

(disclaimer: levels compound. Each new level assumes the rights and privileges of the previous level. For example: if you reach Munich Masters you will still be entitled to the pretzel privilege of Frau’s Frankfurters.
Each level requires at least 6 visits per year or you will drop a level every 12 months. Management reserves the
right to remove Steins from display during member inactivity, but will store it for safe keeping.)


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