3 Reasons To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At A German Restaurant

Mar 15, 2019

*** full disclosure*** This article was originally produced by the HofBrauhaus Las Vegas… One of our favorite icons of German bier, beirhalle’s, and food (and they do one heck of a paddling if you ever have the chance to visit). But we feel this wisdom applies to wherever you are celebrating. So we’ll see you in Jacksonville for corned beef on St. Patrick’s, because we all know a pretzel and mustard is beer’s best friend.
3 Reasons To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At A German Restaurant

St. Patrick’s Day is only a week away— do you know where you’re drinking, er, we mean eating yet?

You may not think of Las Vegas’ favorite German beer hall and restaurant as the first place to celebrate the saint known as Patrick, and one of Ireland’s biggest holidays but hear us out!


It’s true! Different accounts state Patrick’s birthplace possibilities as Dunbarton, Scotland, northern Wales, or Cumberland, England. So while we may not know exactly where he was born, we do know it wasn’t Ireland. He considered himself a Roman and a Briton.


Saint Patrick died on March 17 but his memory lives on through a variety of traditions including big feasts and plenty of drinks. As you may know from this post we are now in the season of Lent where many people choose to fast or abstain from such indulgences for 40 days. However, this fast is allowed to be broken for one day only in order to honor St. Patrick. Bring on the best beer in Las Vegas!


Where there is beer there is also food, and we are certainly no exception. Our chefs are paying homage to St. Patrick and everyone who celebrates him with an Irish feast done the German way.Wherever you hail from, however you celebrate, you’re welcome to honor St. Patrick’s Day at our Haus.